Transact-SQL: ottenere nome, tipo e lunghezza delle colonne di una tabella

CREATE TABLE test (id INT, c1 VARCHAR(10), c2 money, c3 datetime)
/* SQL SERVER 2000 */
SELECT,, syscolumns.LENGTH
  FROM syscolumns JOIN systypes ON syscolumns.xusertype = systypes.xusertype
 WHERE id = (SELECT id FROM sysobjects WHERE name = 'test')
/* SQL SERVER 2005 2008 */
SELECT,, sys.COLUMNS.max_length
  FROM sys.COLUMNS JOIN sys.types
       ON sys.COLUMNS.user_type_id = sys.types.user_type_id
 WHERE object_id = (SELECT object_id FROM sys.objects WHERE name = 'test')


id int      4
c1 varchar 10
c2 money    8
c3 datetime 8

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