Keywords VB non in Vbs

QUeste sono le keywords visual basic che non sono supportate dal vbs.


Keyword/Feature Description
Array Handling
Option Base Declares default lower bound
Arrays with lower bound <> 0 All arrays must have 0 lower bound
Clipboard object Provides access to the clipboard
Clear Clears the contents of the clipboard
GetFormat Determines format of clipboard object
GetData Returns data from the clipboard
SetData Stores data in the clipboard
GetText Returns text from the clipboard
SetText Stores text in the clipboard
Add Adds an item to a collection
Count Returns number of items in collection
Item Returns an item from a collection
Remove Removes an item from a collection
Access collections using ! character Accesses a collection with !
Conditional Compilation
#Const Defines a compiler constant
#If...Then...#Else Conditional compilation
Const Defines a constant
All intrinsic Predefined constants such as vbOK constants
Exponent-based Real numbers using exponents real number
Trailing data type characters Defines data types implicitly
Control Flow
DoEvents Yields execution to Windows
GoSub...Return Branches to a label in a procedure
GoTo Goes to a label in a procedure
On Error GoTo Goes to a label on an error
On...GoSub Branches to a label on an index
On...GoTo Goes to a label on an index
Line numbers Line numbers
Line labels Labels define GoTo/GoSub targets
With...End With Provides easy access to an object
Chr$ Returns a character from an ASCII code
Hex$ Returns string hex from a number
Oct$ Returns string octal from a number
Ccur Converts expression to currency
Cvar Converts expression to a variant
CVDate Converts an expression to a date
Format Formats a string
Format$ Formats a string
Str Returns a string form of a number
Str$ Returns a string form of a number
Val Returns a number from a string
Data Types
All intrinsic data types except variant Data types such as Date
Type...End Type Defines user-defined data type
Date statement Returns the current date
Time statement Returns the current time
Date$ Returns the current date
Time$ Returns the current time
Timer Returns seconds elapsed since midnight
LinkExecute Sends command during DDE conversation
LinkPoke Sends data during a DDE conversation
LinkRequest Receives data during DDE conversation
LinkSend Sends data during a DDE conversation
Debug.Print Prints to the debugging window
End Shuts down the application
Stop Stops the application
Declare Declares a DLL
Property Get Defines a user-defined class
Property Let Defines a user-defined class
Property Set Defines a user-defined class
Public Declares a public variable
Private Declares a private variable
ParamArray Accepts a variable number of arguments
Optional Specifies an optional argument
New Creates a new object
Error Handling
Erl Returns the line number of an error
Error Returns an error message
Error$ Returns an error message
On Error...Resume Enables error handling
Resume Resumes after an error
Resume Next Resumes after an error
File Input/Output
All Opens, reads, writes, and closes files
All financial Financial function such as Rate functions.
Cls Clears the screen
Circle Draws a circle
Line Draws a line
Point Draws a point
Pset Changes a point’s color
Scale Defines the coordinate system
Print Prints to a file
Spc Position output using Print
Tab Inserts a tab character
TextHeight Returns height of a text string
TextWidth Returns width of a text string
LoadPicture Loads a picture from disk
SavePicture Saves a picture to disk
QBColor Returns an RGB color code
RGB Combines RGB color codes
Manipulating Objects
Arrange Arranges windows
Zorder Changes z-order of windows
SetFocus Sets focus to a window
InputBox$ Prompts the user for a string
Drag Begins a drag-and-drop operation
Hide Hides a form
Show Shows a form
Load Loads a form
Unload Unloads a form
Move Moves a form
PrintForm Prints a form
Refresh Repaints a form
AddItem Adds item to list box
RemoveItem Removes item from a list box
Environ Returns the user’s environment
Environ$ Returns the user’s environment
SendKeys Sends keystrokes to a window
Command Returns the command line parameters
Command$ Returns the command line parameters
AppActivate Activates an application’s window
Shell Launches another program
Beep Beeps the speaker
Object Manipulation
GetObject Returns an OLE object from a file
TypeOf Returns the type of an object
Like Compares to strings
def type Sets default data type for variables
Option Base Sets default lower bound for arrays
Option Compare Defines default comparison method
Option Private Defines default scope module
TextHeight Returns height of a text string
TextWidth Returns width of a text string
EndDoc Terminates a print operation
NewPage Ejects the current page
PrintForm Prints a form
All fixed-length Strings with a fixed length
LCase$ Converts a string to lowercase
UCase$ Converts a string to uppercase
Lset Left-aligns a string
Rset Right-aligns a string
Space$ Pads a string with spaces
String$ Pads a string with a character
Format Formats a string
Format$ Formats a string
Left$ Returns left portion of a string
Mid$ Returns middle portion of a string
Right$ Returns right portion of a string
Mid Statement Replaces a portion of a string
Trim$ Removes leading and trailing spaces
LTrim$ Removes leading spaces from a string
RTrim$ Removes trailing spaces from a string
StrConv Performs various conversions
Using Classes
TypeName Defines a user-defined class
Optional Arguments
IsMissing Indicates missing optional argument

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